Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sometimes it is Better to do Something Poorly than to Not do it at All

Okay, Kinderchat13 I don't like this topic so it must be good for me.  I finally had to give up on the narrative (usually a strength) and make a list.  So here goes.


*  I am thoughtful of my friends, family, coworkers, aquaintances.  If I see something that would be fun/helpful/meaningful to them I will get it for then.  I like to send messages of encouragement or leave nice surprises for them to find.

*  I'm creative.  This makes me very resourceful.  It makes me a good problem solver.  I tend to use things in unusual ways.  If you tell me I can't do something.... look out.  I'll find a way.  And it adds a bit of 'color and texture' to my life and for those around me.

* I am a big- picture person.  I may struggle with the details, but I can see how it all works (or doesn't)  in the big scheme of things.

* I am an introvert.  (No excuses... just awesomeness!)  I am also pretty laid back and know there are many different ways to get to the same goal.  This makes me easy to work with (unless you mess with my coffee then all bets are off!)

* I am good at seeing/offering different perspectives on the same topic.

* I have a good sense of humor as long as I watch the sarcasm.  I can lighten up a situation if appropriate when things are getting tense.

* My BMI is 23.

* I like trying new things.  It is tough to be in education if you don't!

* I am good at teaching children to be independent learners.  I always get kuddos from the Gr 1-2 multi-age teachers!

* I am stubborn.  Ooops.  I mean persistent!  But I also know when it is time to let something go or say 'good enough'

* Something inside me 'wakes up' when I am around children.  And I love that part of me!

Phew!  Done.

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  1. I love that you listed your BMI as a brag point. One of my friends at my day job is a Lifetime Member at goal, and we have a running joke: when work is horrible and everything falls apart, we sigh and say, "Well, at least I'm thin."